At Surfatas We enable our customers to achieve their objectives with products that leverage material surface effects through active ingredients. We market additives, raw materials enhanced with additives, and components made with modified materials, each designed around your needs. Our products are offered to you in the form and format you need, so they're easy to use.

Our Team

Works with multi-national firms as well as local businesses in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America

We're a team twenty years in the making, in our third business together, creating value in our customers' products. Our expertise is in the effective addition of performance additives into your products. These surface active ingredients increase performance or enable new performances for your product. Your product's surface becomes hostile to microbial growth, reducing biofouling and extending filter life. Your filter component absorbs dissolved metals from water, making it drinkable or less hazardous and expensive to treat. Your product pulls odors from the air, creating a better environment in a home. You get the picture; we combine additive technologies, polymer engineering, regulatory compliance, performance demonstration and documentation, sales and marketing descriptions all within your product context.

We've worked on consumer products, medical devices, commercial equipment, and industrial materials, Some of our client applications are regulated, so we appreciate implications from FDA, EPA, REACH, RoHS, INMETRO, NSF, ASTM/ANSI/JIS and the European Biocide Directive. We understand pressure drops, head space analysis of VOC's, ppm's, and log reductions. We've assisted on retailer sales calls, plant audits, documenting advertising claims, regulatory submissions, and product design. Of course, you can't raise your prices or gain more market share without delivering genuine value. That's what we do. We deliver genuine incremental value to your material, component, system or product. We've been doing it for two decades. Give us a call, or inquire thru "Contact us" and let's talk about what we can do for your products.

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If liquid quality is important to your business, you should have a Surfatas contact on your team.

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