Organic Antimicrobials. Surfatas offers organic antimicrobial additive products for use in various thermoformed resins, and nonwoven materials. These are strong bacteriostatic and fungistatic performers. Our customers are in the consumer, commercial, and industrial sectors with manufacturing around the world. Solutions need to optimize a combination of requirements: from cost, appearance, minimal manufacturing disruption and maximal demonstrable effect.

We are familiar with various means of determining efficacy and functionality, and experienced with providing regulatory guidance, marketing language, and sales development support to help you increase market share or pricing (or both) with your use of this innovation.

Dependent upon your product and manufacturing process, we may make appropriate additive formats available in liquid, powder, and masterbatched formats. These should have strong performance/cost characteristics, with acceptable tox profiles- including skin, water, and food contact approvals.

Antimicrobials may improve the function and performace of products made with plastic.