Antimicrobials. Many companies are looking for waysto make the surfaces of their products more hygienic, resulting in better performance, longer functionality, and reduced microbiological contamination. Our organic or inorganic technologies may be incorporated into your polymer components, much the same as colorant is. This results in a surface active against bacterial or fungal growth. In some markets, such as the United States, marketing claims from these technologies are regulated and we can help you stay within those guidelines while still creating compelling messages for your customers. In other applications, biofouling affects taste, smell, longevity or performance. We’ll even help you describe your competitive advantage.

Micro-organisms can affect appearance, taste, odor, function and performance of your products. Our technologies reduce the growth of these populations, often dramatically by orders of magnitude - think 99.99% as an example.

With decades of experience in these applications, we can help you find cost-effective solutions that don't disrupt manufacturing processes, capital expenditures, or product characteristics. We evaluate your materials, manufacturing processes, target/relevant organisms and product use patterns. Your marketing objectives and product requirements are considered. Then together we can trial solutions for your application, like thousands before it. We'll find your answer; from technical, manufacturing, marketing, regulatory, and of course costing perspectives.

The concept of an "engineered clean" is a compelling one for consumer products, commercial applications, industrial processes, and healthcare environments. Whether it extends the time until a certain biological population develops, or reduces the population at a given time interval. The inhibition of surface microbe growth, and describing that feature, is a great advantage for you.