ATS. Surfatas globally represents BASF's patented category defining adsorbent ATS Powder, which remains a standard for dissolved Lead (Pb) and Mercury removals in carbon block applications.

ATS is a high capacity ceramic ion-exchanger with strong kinetics due to its formation, and is selective for Lead removal even in the presence of competing ions like Calcium and Magnesium. Additionally, the adsorbed Lead is not displaced by hardness ions commonly found in tap water. It is the Lead reduction technology in more NSF 53 Lead reduction certified blocks than any other technology.


BASF's, formerly Engelhard's, ATS will not leach organic or inorganic residues (like Aluminum) as some other Aluminum technologies. Its strong matrix processes well in block applications without crumbling. The material is available in two particle sizes; 20-35 microns for typical blocks, and finer 8-12 microns for tighter blocks such as those making cyst reductions claims.

ATS has ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certification, and complies with US FDA regulations for food and water contact. Below table shows effluent lead levels from 10" block system over 5000 gallons.

Lead reduction cartridges containing Engelhard ATS powder absorbent performance data 10" Carbon filter, Full NSF 53 Protocol, 42 g ATS powder absorbent, 0.75 gpm @ 60 PSIG, 20/20 minutes on/off operating cycle, influent lead level 150 ppb.

Gallons Low pH #1 Low alkalinity #2 High pH #3 High alkalinity #4
Initial 2 ppb ND (Non detectable) 1 ppb 2 ppb
1250 3 2 ND 2
2500 3 2 ND ND
3750 3 4 1 2
4500 2 2 5 1
5000 ND ND 2 2