SIRT AS is an activated alumina compound manufactured using a proprietary process to enhance removal of arsenic, fluoride, phosphate, zinc and other contaminants from potable water. This is a highly porous material with a surface area in excess of 200 m2 / gram.

Activated alumina has a chemical affinity for negatively charged (anionic) contaminants such as fluoride, nitrate, phosphates, selenium and chromate, and arsenic. It is used in removing these contaminants from water in a single pass. The proprietary treatment of our activated alumina especially enhances the product's ability to remove arsenate and arsenic, both in +3 and +5 form.

SIRT As is a hard, porous particle in 20 x 50 mesh particle size. After the material is exhausted, the resulting material still meets USA EPA's TCLP test requirements for safe landfill disposal. Applications for SIRT AS are:

  • Community, Municipal & Industrial water treatment;
  • Mining waste water; Landfill barriers
  • Biological wetlands; Storm Water runoff
  • Various residential water filter devices;
  • Aquaculture;
  • Soil remediation for selenium, chromium and arsenic.
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SIRT As Properties  
Physical Form Aluminum oxide with proprietary treatment; free flowing granule.
Color Brown
Particle Size 20 x 50 mesh
Bulk Density 66 lb./ft3, 1.06 g/cc