Adsorbents The Surfatas line of odor absorbents are designed specifically to extract various contaminants from fluid streams when incorporated on or in the flow. The adsorbents can be applied in non-wovens for dynamic (moving) air cleaning applications- from furnace filters to cabin filters.

Cooking and pet odors, or mildew smells may be removed. The additives may be incorporated into water streams to improve taste and odor of the drinking water. Other molecular sieve zeolite applications involve closed environments where over time the additives adsorb the odor from that space. These may be polymer or solvent off-gassing - like paint, unpleasant smells - like decomposition, or just everyday use odors, like a litter box. The adsorbents may target a broad range of molecules and odors, or be selective for certain types of volatile organic compounds such as alcohols, aldehydes, esters or aromatics.

When you're trying to improve the smell perception of a given space, frequently part of the solution is to remove (absorb) certain negative smells, which may be present in very small quantity (2-3 parts per billion).

Sometimes, this can be accomplished with a static media that sits in the space and continually adsorbs targeted molecules. Other times you want to move air thru the filtration media incorporating these technologies.