Our Products. At Surfatas, we offer functional additives that change the surface activity of the material in your product. Your component or product becomes absorbent of contaminants in a liquid or airstream, or hostile to microbial growth. This is relevant for example, in filtration media where you want to remove mercury from a fluid stream and postpone bacteria-caused odors by simultaneously trapped organisms. You may need the additives in a format making them easy and predictable for your manufacturing process. And you'll need to be able to describe the benefits our material brought to your product. We understand those situations and requirements. Contact us for more information about how we can help you improve your product.


In many "fluid" streams, conceptually in gas or liquid phase, or specifically potable water or household air, there are frequently small quantities of contaminants. These may be in the parts per million or even billion range, but they affect the desirability or usability of that fluid stream.

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Many companies are looking for means to make the surfaces of their products more hygienic, resulting in better performance, longer functionality, and reduced bacterial contamination. Our organic or inorganic technologies may be incorporated into your polymer components, much the same as colorant is. This results in a surface active against bacterial or fungal growth. In some markets, such as the United States, marketing claims from these technologies are regulated – and we can help you stay within those guidelines while still creating compelling messages for your customers.

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